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Cheque day for BCA, clubs

MIKE KING, [email protected]

Cheque day for BCA, clubs

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YMPC by way of their Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 star Dwayne Smith has collected more than $100 000 in player production fees from a deal brokered by Cricket West Indies (CWI).

Yesterday, president of YMPC, Calvin Watson, collected the cheque on behalf of the club from Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) president Conde Riley at a presentation held in the President’s Suite at Kensington Oval yesterday morning.

The cheque comes out of an arrangement where a portion of the revenue from international contracts from global T20 franchises has been negotiated to come directly to the BCA and the club.

Hence, CWI, the BCA and YMPC are each collecting one-third of the moneys earned by Smith from the 2014, 2015 and 2016 IPL seasons.

Wanderers paid


A cheque was also presented to the Wanderers Club from the same deal that was brokered by CWI from West Indies’ Test and One-Day captain Jason Holder’s stint in the IPL. No disclosure was made on the sum but it was reportedly not quite as large as the YMC cheque. Andrew Harte received the cheque on behalf of the long-standing Dayrells Road-based club.

Watson was delighted at collecting the cheque which he said was long overdue.

“Its a great day for the club. We are happy with the funds from Smith’s release funds from the IPL dating back to 2014. Its long in waiting, it is something that should have happened a few years ago, but apparently there were some issues between the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the CWI.

Help with club’s plans


“We are glad to receive the funds now. It will go a long way towards helping embark on a lot of plans for the club,” he said.

Watson told NATION SPORT the funds will be used to enhance the infrastructure of the Beckles Road-based club.

“Much infrastructural work has to be done. The club needs a lot of work, anyone who comes to YMPC knows that.

We have been struggling for many years with sponsorship and we have been happy this year to acquire a sponsor with Bay View Hospital for the next three years.

“These moneys will go towards the uplifting of the clubhouse and the surroundings of the club. I am happy,” he said.

Incentive for all clubs


BCA secretary Gregory Nicholls said the rewards for YMPC were an incentive for all the clubs.

“Clubs have to take a bigger responsibility to ensure that their players stay on the right track and from all the reports I have heard, Dwayne Smith is very committed to YMPC,” he said.

Riley said he was delighted to receive the IPL release fees and hopefully in time, to collect monies from the Bangladesh league.

“It is a great morning for both the BCA and the clubs. YMPC would have received in excess of $100 000, Wanderers not as much and we are hopeful that over time more of our players would be in demand and it would redound to the benefit of the clubs.

“We at the BCA put a lot of emphasis into our development programmes through the Centre of Excellence which is a very costly exercise. It is excess of a $1 million a year to have these programmes every evening after school – under-13s, under-15s, under-17s, under-19s and women – and we need to have that funding to maintain these programmes,” Riley said.

Riley said the BCA recently did a club audit to ascertain how many clubs require assistance.

“We think that it does not make good sense to be producing guys every year out of  the Centre of Excellence and when they go into a club, they are faced with a poor facility.”