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FIFA: No more scandals

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

FIFA: No more scandals

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No longer will there be scandals within FIFA and, by extension, the region as it relates to the distribution and use of funds.

This was the declaration of FIFA general secretary Fatma Samoura, who was speaking at a Press conference at the opening of the FIFA regional office in Welches, Christ Church, on Tuesday.

“We have learnt our lesson from the past, and as part of the FIFA region 2.0, we are very serious when it comes to accounting for every single cent that is spent under the Forward Programme,” she said noting the accountability had expanded to all 211 member associations under their umbrella.

The first female general secretary of two years, for the world’s football governing body, said before the new leadership of FIFA, there had been hardly40 per cent of the member associations who were going systematically through central review.

Enhace compliance law


“Today, a hundred per cent of the member associations receive on a yearly basis reports from the audit just giving information on how the money is used. We also try through our compliance division, which is also something new within FIFA, to enhance compliance law list reaching our entire region and the Caribbean region is not an exception,” she said.

Samoura added that capacity building was also something they had implemented within the FIFA Forward Programme, and every single member association had the possibility to require a specific training to increase not only accountability within the administration, but also transparency as far as the use of funding is concerned.

Integrity check


“The rest is really for the football family in general to sort out, and to make sure the mistakes of the past are not repeated. The integrity check remains within the region. They are the first port of call when it comes to checking who should be leading the game, and ensure that person has a high level of integrity and also who respect the value of football,” she said.

Similarly, CONCACAF president Victor Montagliani, while acknowledging the negative publicity and scan-dals of yesteryear, said two years in football was a “long time”.

“At the end of the day it wasn’t up to FIFA to bring respectability back to the region. It was up to the region to bring respectability back to the region. I think we’ve done that through CONCACAF and our member associations,” he declared.

Highlighting the work being done by CONCACAF’s 41-member associations, starting with Barbados Football Association’s president Randy Harris, he said they were all doing yeoman’s work.

“He’s been putting football first. No longer do we work in silos of the Caribbean [and] Central America. It is one region, and the common nation of that philosophy was the launch of our Nations League which starts in September. I think over the last two years with the leadership of all of us in the region, we’ve really turned the corner on that, and we should be really proud that the discussion now in CONCACAF is about football,” he stressed. (RA)