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More security services needed


More  security services  needed

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AMID A GROWING NEED for quality security services, a senior police officer is suggesting security guards regard themselves as another arm of law enforcement.

The observation came from Assistant Commissioner of Police Oral Williams, as he highlighted a shortfall in the police force of just over 200 officers.

“The increase in demand for police services by private persons and organisations has stretched our police resources,” Williams said in a feature address to the recent 30th anniversary awards dinner of A&C Security Services.

He reminded the audience that the role of a watchman or unregistered security guard was a punishable offence under Barbados’ laws and such services were “a thing of the past”.

Williams said over time there had been a general increase in crimes committed against property, to include burglaries, theft and trespass.

“This list is by no means exhaustive. We need the assistance of private persons and security to assist us in preventing and detecting crime, arresting and prosecuting offenders,” the Assistant Commissioner said.

He identified the market for security services while underscoring the importance of building a professional security outfit for Barbados.

Williams asked whether insurance coverage was provided for employees, whether a code of discipline, job descriptions, a speedy grievance procedure as well as “reasonable rates of pay” and other considerations to encourage employment as a security guard were in place.

“Have you done background checks on existing [people] and do you intend to have them done on prospective employees?” he queried.

The importance of loyalty and professional service, as well as risks on the job and attempts of inducement by criminals, were underscored by the senior police officer.

“Just remember that if you are paying nuts as wages, you will attract monkeys,” Williams stressed. (HH)