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You what, Sir Frank?


You what,  Sir Frank?

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SIR FRANK ALLEYNE has submitted (May 7) that it’s being argued that the younger of the two contenders for the See of Barbados should be “disqualified” because his episcopacy would appeal only to young people. He suggests that those who argue this must be living on Mars.

With the greatest respect, tongue-in-cheek may I suggest that Sir Frank is so ill-informed he must be living on Neptune.

The argument that the younger candidate will appeal to young people came from his camp. It was answered in three ways: first, by pointing out that a bishop must be responsive to all age groups; second, by asserting that age is not in itself a guarantee of “bishop appeal”; and third, by noticing that if the younger, and less experienced, candidate were elected, he would serve as bishop for 25 years before his time was up, and that this would be far too long a tenure.

Sir Frank’s analogy of Pitt the Younger is, at least in a modern context, totally false. For Pitt, like the Dems now, would be answerable to the universally suffraged electorate every four (or five) years.
A bishop would not.

I’m told that there has never been the present level of acrimony in the election of a bishop in this diocese.

All sorts of stories have floated around and certainly very nasty personal attacks have been made on one of the candidates in emails sent to all clergy by senior clergy people, who should have known better. It’s even been suggested that the younger candidate has been groomed for the See by his uncle, Bishop John Holder, and so has enjoyed a level of patronage wanting in others.

Again, it’s been said that this newspaper has acted as an unofficial publicity machine for this same candidate. Worse, it’s been said that this is a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) plot since the younger candidate, and some of his immediate followers, are all DLP people.

I have no idea whether any of these allegations are true. I hope they’re not. If they are, then the election would be corrupt at its heart and that would be self-evident, pace Sir Frank, even from Neptune.