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Marshall vows to hold Dems liable

ALEX DOWNES, [email protected]

Marshall  vows  to  hold  Dems  liable

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ATTORNEY GENERAL DALE MARSHALL isn’t playing when he says he will be going after those who committed any wrongdoing in the last Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration.

He gave this assurance yesterday as he spoke to the DAILY NATION yesterdayat the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) celebration picnic at Bath, St John.

“There were a lot of things that were uncovered, for example, when we were in the Public Accounts Committee, that we considered to be acts of misfeasance,” Marshall said.

“I’m quite sure that as we unravel more and more of the things that have been done by the last administration, we will find more acts of misfeasance.

“And I’m committed to pursuing all the Government’s remedies to hold those individuals accountable.”

Marshall also made note of a number of contracts which were renewed by the last DLP administration days before the May 24 General Election.

On this topic he said those individuals could not be sued or locked up. Instead, the Attorney General explained Government would have to “make decisions to deal with it”.

While adamant that one of his priorities was to hold the last Government accountable, Marshall said the new Government’s first goal was to rescue the country and other matters would follow.

Before being elected to office, the BLP unveiled its integrity legislation and promised to lay it at the first sitting of Parliament.

This would address corruption, provide protection for whistle-blowers and include hefty fines or imprisonment for those found guilty of corruption.

“Our party is committed to holding them accountable for any wrongdoings. The problem with our law is that you can’t legislate retroactively,” he said.

“Integrity legislation, making people liable, which is intended to be retroactive in operation, can have some challenges in the law courts. So the method of holding them accountable may not be through integrity legislation. We are going to have to find other means to deal with any issues of wrongdoing under them.” (AD)