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Rally Club taking fresh guard

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Rally Club taking fresh guard

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A series of accidents over the Sol Rally Barbados weekend prompted the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) to reshuffle their approach to dealing with such occurrences.

This was communicated during a statement from the BRC during the prize-giving ceremony at the Boatyard yesterday.

“This incident has highlighted the fact that while the club has an established set of protocols set out in the event safety manual and all the necessary people in place to efficiently act in response to such an incident as the one this weekend, we should always analyse any such event carefully,” the BRC said.

“In light of the incident the club is working towards streamlining the framework applicable when the severity of injuries requires persons to seek medical attention outside of Barbados. This will establish clear guidelines to be followed by the club, family of the competitor or competitors involved, persons who want to offer assistance and local medical team leader.”

It was said that the strengthening of the process would ensure that those receiving aid would do so in a well-organised manner.

“This is critical to ensuring resources are channelled through one centralised source guaranteeing the most efficient delivery of the required assistance to the injured. While Sol Rally Barbados has once again been a success, this unfortunate incident has come as a reminder of the dangers we all accept as competitors officials and volunteers while doing what we love.”

The action of day two of the 29th annual event was marred by a serious accident involving Russell Branker and co-driver Daryl Clarke.

The BRC pointed out that Clarke, who sustained internal injuries, left the island for the United States around 9 p.m. on Sunday. Branker is still on the island and arrangements are being made to facilitate him leaving for a medical facility in Miami. He sustained spinal injuries but according to doctors, the prognosis is good.

A Go Fund Me account with a $250 000 goal has been set up to assist with their medical costs and at last check just under $49 500 has been raised.

The BRC will also be hosting a fund-raising event for the cause at the Boatyard to assist with the medical costs on a date to be determined

At yesterday’s prizegiving, competitors and loved ones showed their support for Clarke and Branker by signing get well wishes on shirts for both drivers. (RG)