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Franklyn: A rush job for friends

BARRY ALLEYNE, [email protected]

Franklyn: A rush job for friends

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Opposition Senator Caswell Franklyn, in his first contribution in the Senate yesterday, lambasted the new Mia Mottley Government for making its first order of business an amendment to the country’s Constitution.

Last Friday, the administration passed The Constitution Amendment Bill (2018) paving the way for their choice of two senators, Kay McConney, a Barbadian living in Canada, and Rawdon Adams, the son of late Prime Minister Tom Adams, who was living in France.

The move, he said, was elitist.

“I think this is a rush job to facilitate these individuals. I don’t think this would have been done for me, or for most Barbadians,” Franklyn claimed. “They are jumping through hoops for certain people. This bill should not see the light of day and is fatally flawed.”

The trade unionist said the move to amend the Constitution last Friday on the first day of business was being seen in parts of Barbados as unconscionable.

“You don’t just flippantly overnight amend the Constitution. We are pushing it down the throats of Barbadians,” he added.

The first-time senator also suggested the move was an abuse of power by the Barbados Labour Party administration in the House of Assembly because they hold all 30 seats in the Lower Chamber.

“Government must be careful how it uses its power. We have just opened the door to absolute corruption. You can’t behave like this just because you have the power.”

Noting that the amendment was made because both Adams and McConney hold dual citizenship, Franklyn said that he believed people serving in high office should have total loyalty to Barbados if serving at that level.

“You don’t just pass laws for your friends,” he said about the move to facilitate Adams and McConney’s appointment.

“Can’t you find two other persons from the 277 000 other persons in Barbados?” Frankly asked. “I can name two other persons who have given yeoman service for the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) to sit in the Senate,” he added. (BA)