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Durant: Forgive the DLP


Durant: Forgive the DLP

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Former Senator Reverend Dr David Durant has apologised to Barbadians who were hurt by derogatory remarks made on any Democratic Labour Party (DLP) platform during last month’s general election.

His apology came during a lecture at DLP party headquarters on George Street on Friday which focused on reconciliation with the electorate and ways he envisioned the party would rebound from its defeat at the polls.

“I want to apologise to every Barbadian who felt hurt, disgusted, horrified or angry because of any derogatory remarks, character assassination, verbal abuse, any swearing or expletives used on any DLP platform during the 2018 election campaign,” said Apostle Durant of Restoration Ministries.

“This is not the brand the party wants to project and this certainly would not be the brand going forward. I sincerely apologise to all. Please forgive the DLP,” the prominent clergyman said in delivering the Astor B. Watts lunchtime lecture.

In a frank critique of the DLP’s election campaign, Durant said there had been a disconnect with Barbadians and DLP constituents in terms of being available to them during the tenure of the party, as well as inadequate communication and public relations.

He said the party had heard complaints from the electorate about some candidates failing to give adequate attention to their constituents and not identifying with their plight.

“My assessment of the just-concluded election tells me that this party must pay greater attention to mobilising voters at both the national and constituency levels. We can talk as much as we like but if we are unable to convince the voter of the need to vote for the party and its candidates we would have missed the target,” he said.

Durant cited a need to regroup, rebuild and rebrand the party, which he contended would rebound from its defeat.

“We have to repair the damage done to the DLP brand,” he said.

In discussing the four topics of Regroup, Rebuild, Rebrand and Rebound, the former senator repeatedly argued for a public relations strategy reflecting “the power of communication”.

Durant also highlighted the role and focus of the youth in rebuilding the party as well as the utilisation of social media as a tool of enhanced communication.

Quoting liberally from The Bible, the apostle asserted: “The face of the party will not be the face of this party tomorrow.” (HH)