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A shame!

HEATHER-LYNN EVANSON, [email protected]

A shame!

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It’s dirty again. For the umpteenth time, the area by the Old Fairchild Street Market in The City is reeking of bags of household garbage and a large metal appliance dumped in the shadow of the skip placed there for use by vendors who ply their trade nearby.

Scores of plastic bottles, coconut shells, cardboard boxes and bags with what smelt like a dead animal, surrounded the skip which was not even full.

The skip is removed by Express Skip Services, a representative of which has expressed frustration, in the past, at the state of affairs.

He explained the skip was placed there for vendors in the market, but people came from all over to dump their garbage in and around it.

He had called the mess disgusting and said the last time a team of workers was called in to remove the garbage, they found dead dogs in plastic bags among the pile. (HLE)