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BWA working to alleviate water challenges

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

BWA working to alleviate water challenges

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Residents are being advised of low water pressure and outages across the island.

Barbados Water Authority’s rapid response and communications manager Joy-Ann Haigh called in to today’s Down to Brass Tacks radio programme and said they were investigating the issues.

“We are advising residents in Strathclyde that we will be doing some emergency repairs to a burst main in that area. We also just got news that the bore hole in Sweet Vale No. 2 is offline, which means that the feed to Castle Grant that would assist customers in parts of St Joseph, St Andrew and St Thomas may be impacted today with low water pressure and outage,” she said.

“We want to alert residents and businesses who feed off of the Castle Grant system that there is a possibility during the investigations,that the water pressure may drop or they may experience outages,” she added.  

Haigh noted that reports of water outages in Bydes Mill, St George would also be passed on to the engineers for investigation.

“In addition to that, the reservoir at Mount Stepney, St Peter is low, and we’ve sent tankers there to fill that reservoir. It’s not very big, but it still feeds a good set of people in the Mount, St Peter,” she said, adding that tankers were enroute.

She also apologised for the inconvenience caused and asked those who experienced outages to report the matter to the call centre for water dispatch.

“We may have a number of outages across the island today. Some may be for a shorter period, others may be for an extended period until the investigations are concluded and we are able to rectify.

“We’re doing everything possible and do apologise for the inconvenience, especially on a day like today Father’s Day. We’re asking that you call the call centre 434-4292, let them know if you need a tanker system and we would certainly be able to help you via the tanker system in the Rapid Response Unit,” she concluded. (RA)