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Double the trouble, double the blessings


Double the trouble, double the blessings

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Jason Simmons has double the trouble. Wearing the hats of CEO of Simmz Exclusive and the bandleader for new band Khepri Culture, he’s also known for throwing some great parties on the Crop Over scene. But he has added a new role to his daily tasks – that of being a dad.

Added to that the 26-year-old is kept pretty busy by twin sons, Tahj and Tahjeri Simmons, who were born last August.

Having kids was not part of Jason’s plans: “Simms Exclusive, it’s a production company. We deal with sound, light, and stage . . . . Basically anything you need for a function so that keeps me going non-stop. Plus the party scene had me out most nights. I’ve always held events from the time I was in school. I was really focused on building my brand.”

In the blink of an eye, though, Jason’s entire focus changed: “When Melanie told me that she thought she was pregnant, we took about three tests.”

The news of twins was also a shock.

“Going along, she said she felt weird, as though she had two babies inside, so we used to joke about it a lot. So then we went to the doctor and did an ultrasound. We saw one baby and then said, ‘And we have a second heartbeat’. I just started to laugh. I just laughed because we already knew,” he said.

During the interview at their St James home, the twins proved to be quite the handful, yes, but two bundles of joy and much more. They both are already full of personality and already have minds of their owns. Getting pictures proved to be quite the task, entertaining nonetheless.

Jason, while holding both boys on his lap, said they are the light of his life: “It’s a new experience and I am loving every minute of it. My life has changed so much. But I’m adjusting to it.  I was never a morning person because my job is mostly night-time, and I sleep during the day, so adjusting to it was over a period.

“It’s been fun. Stress but more fun. I always say it’s double the trouble but double the fun and double the work but double the blessings,” he said while looking lovingly at his sons.

Not only has his morning routine changed, but also his entire daily routine and his overall mindset.

“I really feel like a man now. It’s not because I’m 26 and older but I really do feel a change. I feel really good. Before I used to want to go to every party, but now I feel like just being at home. There are times that I would be at home at 1 a.m. and then other nights I would be home at 7 p.m. Melanie would be like, ‘You’re home very early’. And it’s really because I miss them and I want to be home with them. I just want to be around them.

“My mindset has changed tremendously. I’m more grounded, my focus is around them. I’m more family-oriented. I want to build businesses that they could take over. It’s not just about Tahj and Tahjeri; it’s about my sister’s daughter and others that are coming up. I want to make sure they’re good; I want them to be better than me. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about them. If I used to buy four pairs of shoes a month, I rather buy four pairs of shoes for them,” Jason explained.

Though juggling two babies may be hard, he gets through it daily with the help of a very strong support system, which he admits he could not do without.

“The support system is really good. It’s nothing I could have done alone; Melanie couldn’t have done it alone either. She’s a big part of my life and my children’s life.  All their grandparents, aunts, godparents, everyone really helps out. There are some who come over every Sunday just to check on them. Everyone is really supportive of the boys,” he said thankfully.

While enjoying seeing his sons grow daily, Jason said he is mesmerised by the fact that the twins are two completely different babies.

“Tahj is the more playful one; he loves to smile. When we put him on the ground, he would go all over the place and be walking and stuff.  Tahjeri is the more serious one but when he smiles, he steals the show – he’s mummy’s boy. They are two different babies, but I wouldn’t want them to be the same. I love their uniqueness. Tahj is more like me. The majority of the people said he looks like me. When I look back at baby pictures, I see Tahj,” he said.

Jason told EASY magazine having his sons has forced him to be better all-round person.

“I want them to exceed in all areas. I want to teach them to be responsible. Basically all the things that my mother would have taught me to be . . . respectful and save, save, save.”

“I’m glad that I started my businesses now. In 15 years I would like the band to still be around and the boys to be able to take it up if they want to. But they may not like entertainment at all. They may want to go be lawyers or get into medicine like their mother. But it’s there for them should they want to.  I just want to make sure they are secure,” he added.

And while Jason is busy prepping his band for Kadooment Day, he is still actively thinking of how to celebrate the twins’ first birthday.

“Their first birthday is coming up. We are still deciding on what we are going to do. Their mum is known for holding some pretty great events. So I know I will be spending some money for their first birthday,” he said with a chuckle. (DB)