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Open house for sixth formers


Open house for sixth formers

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Harrison College (HC) will host an Open House for prospective sixth form students on Tuesday, June 26.

Open House targets all students across the island, not just those from HC, who are desirous of pursuing their secondary education at the Sixth Form Level.  

It gets under way at the school on Crumpton Street, St Michael, from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Parents and guardians are advised that they must accompany their children or wards, who must be in uniform.

Open House will provide all students with the following: information regarding HC’s academic curriculum, campus, co-curricular activities, prerequisites for specific subject study, and advice on career choice.

For further information on the Open House, parents and guardians may call Year Head for the Sixth formers, Carl Applewhaite, at the school at 537-0039, or email [email protected]. (BGIS)