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True builder of Barbados


True builder of Barbados

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The following is a tribute to Sir Fred Gollop by Sir David Simmons.

I have known Sir Fred since January 10, 1950. 

It was my first day at Lodge School, but from that early meeting, for the next 68 years he has been my very best friend.

We were both members of the Barbados Labour Party and I have been privileged to have observed Fred’s spectacular life in Barbados after he came back here qualified as an attorney at law.

He has made a massive contribution to the growth and development of several aspects of Barbadian life in the last 50 years.

Fred was one of the founding fathers of the NATION newspaper and the Nation Group of Companies, and he gave great leadership to that group and, for that matter, to One Caribbean Media Ltd, when he became chairman of that regional company.

So his contribution to journalism is second to none, in the same way one must not forget that Harold Hoyte played an equally prominent role in the development of journalism in Barbados.

He was an attorney at law with the firm of Yearwood & Boyce for many years before he gave up the partnership and became full-time chairman of the NATION.

He was a highly-skilled and competent practitioner of which I call non-contentious legal work. He also gave outstanding service for at least ten years on the disciplinary committee of the Bar Association.

In his political life, Fred was President of the Senate for 14 years, which in itself is a commendable feat. In that period he acted as Governor General for about 12 or 14 times.

He was also a director of First Caribbean International Bank and a director of Fortress Caribbean, so it has been a wide and varied and outstanding experience.

Fred’s style was not flamboyant. He was not showy, not pushy, never seeking after the limelight. He was quiet, unobtrusive but efficient and effective in all that he did, and that was a quality that many of us admired in him.

He was the most confidential person you could wish to have as a friend, a thoroughly decent human being and a fine example of being a Barbadian. I unhesitatingly would say that he was one of the outstanding builders of Barbados in the last 50 years.