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Blood Centre needs more

CARLOS ATWELL, [email protected]

Blood Centre needs more

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The National Blood Collection Centre needs more blood.

While senior blood collecting technician Anderlene Sealy would not say they were in a crisis, she stressed how important it was to give.

“There’s always a shortage as usage is high and demand is constant. Right now, I would not say we are desperate but there is always a need. If we were at a crisis level, we would start putting out ads in the media,” she said.

Sealy said it may be time for the centre to again post how much blood was needed, in conjunction with the Blood Bank.

She said the annual Crop Over festival had started and during this time, people tended not to give blood and levels dropped. She therefore expected the centre would be at its lowest over the next few months.

The most common of the eight blood types was O-positive but all types were needed and always welcomed.

Sealy said if the centre came up short, there was a pool of volunteers who on short notice would donate.

“Some people say they are afraid and the needle is big but you never know what is going to happen, it may be you who needs blood next. Wish we cared about each other more and that people would realise they or someone they love might need help,” she said. (CA)