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Unique opportunity for Mottley to shine


Unique opportunity for Mottley to shine

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Probably most of us who were born on a Caribbean island (Caribbean people) regard home as our island birthplace wherever we may end up living.

Most of us, given the right conditions and opportunities, would wish to live in our place of birth and contribute to its development.

Lots of Caribbean people also get married to someone from another island.

My wife is Bajan and I am Trinidadian; we chose to live in Barbados in 1970 primarily due to social dislocations in Trinidad around that time.

In most of the “British Caribbean” islands that became independent in the 1960s subsequent events have led to societies ridden with high levels of crime and social injustices underpinned by weak economies characterised by high debt, corruption and poor business facilitation cultures.

In many countries the best and brightest have emigrated to UK or North America, where they mostly thrive.

Caribbean people are warm and friendly and generally well educated.

Barbados was considered by many as an example of a successful small nation. However, in the last decade its social fabric and economy were decimated.

The Caribbean islands are at a crossroads and must find better national governance systems that will facilitate sustainable economic and social justice.

The existing models of Westminster style governance have failed the people.

There have been few Caribbean leaders since independence with the long-term vision needed to create long-term economic and social security and sustainability.

The recent Barbados General Election is a benchmark moment in its history. Having easily won all 30 seats in Parliament, the Barbados Labour Party is in the unique position of having the power to build a governance model that effectively embraces the multiplicity of available talent.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has the intellectual capacity, mental fortitude and experience in government to provide the leadership that can propel Barbados into an era of social and economic prosperity fit for new times and built on a new governance foundation independent of party politics.

Few politicians have ever had this type of opportunity to create a really meaningful legacy.

May God be with her during her journey.

Barbados and Caribbean people are expecting much from her.