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Abrahams: We won’t be caught napping


Abrahams: We won’t be caught napping

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Government is on a mission to make sure Barbados is hurricane-prepared as possible, says Minister of Energy and Water Resources Wilfred Abrahams.

He said the island had suffered from a lack of maintenance all-round.

“We are going all out to get Barbados hurricane-prepared in whatever manner it takes. So the debushing, the clearing, the well-clearing, trying to get the roofs strapped down and trying to get our hurricane shelters up and running, and also having an efficient communication system. We are doing it as country because the one thing we don’t need right now is the devastation from a hurricane if it can be avoided,” he said.




He was speaking at a Christ Church East branch meeting at The Flash N Bar & Restaurant, Coverley, on Sunday evening.

Abrahams said he was pushing for a well-clearing programme before the heavy rains came.

“The fact is we need to clear our wells and waterways so that Barbados doesn’t flood away with the slightest rain. There’s a lot of things that concern my ministry that revolve around the rains.

“We are trying to get the South Coast sewage issue sorted out once and for all before the rains get here. But we also need to have a proper run-off system. That doesn’t fall under my ministry but it’s in my interest,” he added. (DB)