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TASI project ends


TASI project ends

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Commuters on the Edey Village and Sturges bus routes will now experience a change in service, due to the culmination of the Transport Authority Service Integration (TASI) project, which has come to an end after two years.

The Transport Board will continue to offer its service to Edey Village, departing Bridgetown, from the Fairchild Street Terminal. In addition, private service vehicles – ZRs 270 and 271 – will depart Bridgetown from the Constitution River Terminal.

The minibus service to Sturges will depart Bridgetown, from the Cheapside Terminal, by vehicles B33; B61; B170; B240 and B108. The Transport Board will continue to offer its service to Sturges, departing Bridgetown, from the Princess Alice Terminal. Vehicles will carry the appropriate signs – each indicating the route plied. 

Commuters are asked to note that, with the conclusion of the TASI project, concession fares on the privately-owned vehicles will no longer be facilitated.  Passengers on these privately-owned vehicles will revert to paying the full fare. 

The Transport Board will continue to offer free transportation to students in uniform, seniors and other qualifying persons. For more information on the route details, please visit the Transport Authority’s website at or call the office at 435-3518 or 427-1PSV – that is 427-1778. (MTWM)