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Bit Bit going for the crown

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Bit Bit going for the crown

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The Mighty Bit Bit wants the crown, but he will face a tough task against his peers in the Scotiabank Junior Monarch.

On Sunday, the seven-year-old threw down the gauntlet at Combermere School during the second Junior Monarch tent, which was held in association with IGM Stage Lighting Inc.

The show began promptly at 6 p.m. with a performance by Joshua B, who pulled out some tricks when he sang Magic Man. During the impactful kaiso he sings about his desire to get a magic wand to make violence, crime and illegal drugs vanish.

But it was Bit Bit who set the pace during the first half of the show when he confidently, but politely asked the judges to Please Give Bit Bit The Crown.

His command of the stage and comical mannerisms were quite pleasing to the crowd.

Newcomer Sakarah is also one to watch with Colour My Barbados. The song is crafted beautifully, and she used various crayons and painted a picture of some topical issues. Her multicoloured dress was quite fitting as she put on an expressive performance.

One of the strongest vocalists in the 7-12 category is Master Kei, who sang passionately about the state of homelessness, with Homeless Not Hopeless.

Browne Star, who is competing in this category for the last time, also gave it his all as he begged for Peace.

In the 13-18 category, De Overcomer had many eating out of his hands with Bon Appetit. His command of the heavily French-influenced calypso was a joy to watch.

The song uses a diner as a metaphor through which society’s shortcomings are highlighted through recipes.

Dynamo became a “bad boy” for the night and he was very expressive about the consequences of crime and violence, which he shared via Tales From De Crypt. Throughout the performance he stayed in character and in key.

Last year’s winner of the 7-12 category, Mhizz Kibabba, also gave a promising performance of A Song For The Children.

The closing act, Quon, made sure he ended the show on a high note, singing Why I Sing.

The other performers in this category were Miracle, Yahandje, Princess Make’da, Mr Personality, Dria, Symar, The Mighty King, Kareesa and Raanan.

And in the 7-12 category there were also performances by Deyonte, Star Diamond, Just Kari, Dazzle, KCB and 7 Star. (TG)