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Loud no to same-sex marriage


Loud no to same-sex marriage

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I wish to join Pastor Vincent Wood in urging our Government not to change our country’s policy on same-sex marriage.

For us in Barbados, marriage is an institution which brings a man and woman together for companionship and the building of a family. The idea of a man marrying a man or woman wedding a woman is foreign and repugnant to us.

Those among us who are Christians have another good reason to reject same-sex marriage, and that is that it is contrary to the Word of God. Jesus endorsed marriage and urged husbands (men) to leave father and mother and cleave to their wives (women).

Respect the human right


I do not support the persecution of homosexuals or other members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) community since I respect the human right to choose one’s lifestyle. I am one of those who love gays as children made in the image of God even though I do not support their sexual preference. I am even prepared to endorse the repeal of our buggery laws because I do not think the state should be interested in what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes.

Furthermore, if two men or two women want to live together in a sexual union, that is their business. However, I will not accept the union as marriage for the reasons already mentioned.

While I am at it, let me express my disapproval of homosexual couples adopting children. Apart from the fact that by choosing to be gay, they have decided against procreation, they are not in a position to perform the roles of father and mother. Ideally, children need a father and mother to nurture them. Sometimes, in heterosexual relationships, one parent dies or is missing for some other reason, but most of us recognise that such absence robs children of a desirable environment for their development.

Will not be cowed


I have no doubt that I will be called homophobic or otherwise attacked for my views, but that does not bother me. There is a recent trend in Western societies for advocates of the gay lifestyle to behave as though they have the right to promote homosexuality while the rest of us are to keep silent. I accept their freedom to argue in favour of the gay agenda, but I will not be cowed into acquiescing to what the local, regional and international LGBT communities and their defenders want to force upon us.

Like Pastor Wood, I urge our people not to be bullied into accepting same-sex marriages.