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Mistah Dale out first in Party Monarch semis

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Mistah Dale out first in Party Monarch semis

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Mistah Dale will be the first and B. Moore Specific will be the last act during the semi-final round of the Party Monarch competition. 

These two seasoned acts make up the 16 artistes who are hoping to dethrone reigning monarch Li’l Rick. 

Mistah Dale who will be singing Bold and Brave will be followed by Ray Dainja, Mr Veejay, Nikita, Kas Katee, Marzville, Kirk Brown, Stiffy, Mikey, Ashawnya, Chrissy D, Faith, SammiJane, and Mac. Mighty Grynner is the reserve.

The draw took place this evening at the National Cultural Foundation headquarters in West Terrace, St James. 

The semi-finals will be held during Phenomenal Friday at Kensington Oval on July 6. (TG)

Party Monarch semi-final order: 

1. Mistah Dale

2. Ray Dainja 

3. Mr Veejay 

4. Nikita 

5. Kas Katee 

6. Marzville 

7. Kirk Brown 

8. Stiffy 

9. Mikey 

10. Ashawnya 

11. Chrissy D

12. Faith 

13. SammiJane 

14. Mac Fingall

15. Mr Blood and iWeb

16. B. Moore Specific