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Cops: Way too many accidents


Cops: Way too many accidents

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The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) is worried about the number of vehicular accidents reported for the year thus far.

Acting Superintendent Antonio Forte told the Saturday Sun that Barbadians were not practising safe driving in spite of the number of public service announcements and campaigns.

“Any situation where there are reoccurring circumstances as it relates to vehicular accidents will be problematic to the RBPF, especially those that are of a serious and fatal nature,” he said following a graduation ceremony for 26 participants of an accident investigation course held yesterday at the Regional Police Training Centre, Seawell, Christ Church.


15 road deaths


“To date there have been 15 fatalities. . . . These accidents are caused due to exceeding the speed limit or not being attentive.

“I think people need to pay attention to how they use the road and take into consideration the signs and system put in place to regulate how motorists use the road.”

From January 1 to June 16 there were 3 700 accidents.

Forte said that the Police Force was forging partnerships with various stakeholders to remain vigilant in managing and developing a safe but prudent road network system.

He added that patrol officers were also responsible for identifying hazardous conditions that could contribute to traffic problems, such as poorly marked roadways, damaged traffic signs, improperly placed signs or a speed zone that needed to be improved. (SB)