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Ganja seller fined $6 000

RACHELLE AGARD, [email protected]

Ganja seller fined $6 000

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Ewing Anderson Forde’s sister reported to police that he assaulted her, and, after that incident he also ended up facing drug charges.

The 23-year-old, who admitted the assault and “selling weed”, was remanded to HMP Dodds after he could not come up with the $6 000 fine.

Forde, of Old Navy Road, Navy Gardens, Christ Church, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of cannabis, having the drug with intent to supply, and trafficking in the drug on Thursday. He also said he unlawfully assaulted his sister Danielle Forde on Tuesday.

Prosecutor Sergeant Rudy Pilgrim told the District “A” Magistrates’ Court that Ewing went into his sister’s bedroom with a hammer, woke her and told her he would hit her in the face for bringing people at the house when he had his drugs there. He brushed her with the hammer and threatened to shoot her and whoever she brought there.

After Danielle made a report and the police executed a search warrant at the house, in Ewing’s presence, they found a black and blue duffel bag with four transparent plastic bags each containing vegetable matter. Eleven dried stalks were hanging on a telephone cord in the bedroom and a quantity of vegetable matter was on a mattress, as well as a transparent glass jar with vegetable matter.

When asked to account for the drugs, Forde said: “Well only thing I have here is weed. I don’t have nothing else, and this is my bedroom.”

When questioned by Magistrate Douglas Frederick, Forde said that his grandmother had died and left the house for him and his sister.

“My aunt told my sister to stop bringing men through the house. I spoke with her. She bound up in my face, and I have a bad temper, so I defend myself,” he said.

The magistrate pointed out that because of the falling out with his sister, she called the police on him.

“This is a lot of drugs. What do you do?” he asked.

“I sell weed and play football,” he said.

“That means you have money to pay a fine?” the magistrate asked.

“I have to take care of me and the house. I got to bathe, I got to eat and I got to sleep. I ain’t got a cent,” he said.

When his surety entered the dock and Magistrate Frederick informed her of the $6 000 fine, she said she would need some time to get the money together.

She returned a few hours later and said family members would not come together to secure the sum.

Forde was remanded to jail until July 5. (RA)