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New library for St Giles Primary


New library for St Giles Primary

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St Giles Primary School finally has a library, thanks to a kind donation by author Collin Carter.

Carter, a former student of the school, made it his mission to give back to the school which he credited for his sound foundation.

The Collin Carter Children’s Library officially opened this morning.

Below, from left: Principal of St Giles Primary Sandra Anderson, former student Collin Carter and Monsignor Vincent Harcourt Blackett.       


Principal Sandra Anderson described it as a dream come true particularly because two prior principals also petitioned for a library at the school where enrollment numbers continues to grow and space is an issue.

“We had a library a few years ago but it had to be closed and transformed into a classroom, as the students at St Giles continue to increase,” Anderson said.

The library will be embracing the use of technology. (KH)