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Mental attitude is key, says Williams


Mental attitude is key, says Williams

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Antoine “Brudda Daddy” Williams continues to be on the mend.

In April last year, Williams was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and underwent surgery in May, one he deemed to be successful.

Addressing the media Friday at the American University of Barbados in the capacity of public relations officer of the Cancer Support Services, which is supporting The Schools Against Non-Communicable Diseases week of activities, Williams spoke candidly about his journey with cancer and said apart from the medical care he received, having a positive mind was of extreme importance.

“I think that beyond the physical, the medical attention, and putting one’s care in the hands of the doctors, I think your mental attitude, mental aptitude and your ‘positiveness’ regarding this particular journey is also important,” he said.

Williams said he believed it was extremely important that when battling such illness you not allow stress to overcome you.

“Your body is obviously going through stress and shock and you have to be mentally prepared to accept what is taking place but also mentally prepared to fight it; to tell yourself that I can do this, especially when you receive the news that it’s operable. There’re some cases where it’s not and you have to accept that also,” he added.

Williams, who is known for his humour in his role as “Brudda Daddy”, said that, too, was important.

“Beyond the pain and stress, you have to have an attitude that engenders humour, merriment, not to see it as the total end but to see yourself purposeful for this journey,” he advised.

He said he would update the media on his journey at a later date.

“In the very early stages it was made public and this was done because of my public profile and I felt it necessary to let Barbadians know this is what is happening. The support was also overwhelming.

“It also boosted other persons. There were cases where persons came to me and thanked me for letting people know this is what I was going through. So there’re some other plans that I will be announcing coming out of my journey soon,” he said. (DB)