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Police investigating brawl

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

Police investigating brawl

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Police officers are looking into an apparent early-morning brawl, which took place at a Christ Church cemetery.

A video has been circulating today on social media, where several men are seen hurling rocks at each other at Coral Ridge Memorial Gardens. 

It is believed that the incident took place after a popular Crop Over j’ouvert fete at a nearby quarry. 

Police Public Relations Officer Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss said so far he has no names of the individuals involved, as no official report has been made.

He however said officers are still on patrol.

In addition to the stones, during the two-minute video the rowdy men were also seen armed with pieces of wood and they clearly had no respect for the dead as they trampled some graves. The violence also spilled over into the streets and they ran in between numerous parked vehicles to reach their targets. (TG)