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Dream Chaser passengers back on land

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Dream Chaser passengers back on land

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After being stranded at sea for more than five hours, hundreds of passengers aboard the MV Dream Chaser returned to land just after 7 a.m. today.

An officer at the Coast Guard’s Spring Garden, St Michael headquarters told Nation News the vessel started drifting after 1 a.m. when it began experiencing problems with the steering.

They received a call from the owners and emergency protocols were put in place.

Two Coast Guard vessels and the Jolly Roger offered assistance.

Some of the irate passengers disembarked at Spring Garden while others were taken by the Jolly Roger back to the Screw Docks in The City where they retrieved their vehicles and made their way home.

There were no reports of injuries during the Soca on De Sea cruise.

A crowd had gathered at Spring Garden awaiting word of those on the Dream Chaser.

Voice notes and video circulated on social media earlier today. The video showed passengers, some in life jackets, sitting or sleeping on the floor as they awaited rescue. (Nation News)