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Junior revellers ready

Davandra Babb

Junior revellers ready

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THE JUNIOR REVELLERS are raring and ready to go.

With just two days until the Junior Kadooment, in association with Consolidated Finance Co. Limited, bandleaders are putting finals plans in place for their big day and are curious to see how the new venue at Kensington Oval is going to work out.

When a DAILY NATION team visited some of the band houses yesterday, there was a buzz of activity and much running around, giving out costumes, gluing, tacking and last-minute alterations to the king and queen of the bands costumes.


At Cane Wood, St Thomas, bandleader and last year’s Best Festival Designer Of The Year Kevin Small was busy getting things in place for his junior band Fifth Element.

He said things were a bit more hectic this year: “My band has grown from 200 to 350 children. Preparations are coming along. It’s no easier than it was for the last couple of years. I would say that the pressure is a little on; but I embrace it because it causes me to go to the next level every time.”

Small said the children were really excited about the theme Virtual Tomorrow and he was expecting them to have a great time on Saturday.

“We have such an effective theme that kids can relate too. That was one of the definite selling points. Distribution is soon completed. We have a few more rehearsals coming up. We are just waiting on the last batch of people to collect their costumes and we will be good to go,” he added.

In Grazettes at Blackbird Productions, Sonia Price and her juniors are ready to play mas.

Her theme is All Dis Is Mas and she is excited to show the world what she has to offer.

“Preparation is going fine. All of my major work is completed. Right now I’m just working on all of the workers’ shirts for the day. I started to distribute my costumes since Monday,” she said.

Almost finished

Price said although it was a lot of work, she is looking forward to bringing a Grand Kadooment band next year as she is going after the Best Festival Designer Of The Year title.

In Park Road, Bush Hall, St Michael, at the Triple Force Junior Kadooment Band House, bandleader Roseann Lewis was busy.

Lewis said she still had some work to do for her band themed All Ah We Is One, but was certain all work would be completed by tomorrow night in time for Saturday morning.

“It’s very tiresome but we will get there. We have almost finished all our costumes and we have started our distribution as well,” she said. (DB)