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Cave Shepherd’s prices to go down


Cave Shepherd’s prices to go down

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Shoppers can expect a dip in prices at popular merchandiser Cave Shepherd as a result of the removal of the National Social Responsibility Levy (NSRL), effective July 1.

While he did not have figures, store coordinator Mark Clarke said this year’s performance to date was below last year’s but with the tax removal and the hype of the Crop Over season things should improve.

“All the prices on our bonded [duty-free] items were reduced on the effective date throughout all our stores in the island,” he said. “Even though the ticketing system has not fully been completed, customers could be reassured that the reduced prices are reflected at the point of sale when they take the items to the cashier.

“There are some items, however, which would not show a reduction, like some of our back-to-school supplies and some items at our Pages outlets, which incurred the NSRL prior to July 1. So when the new stock comes in, the prices will be dropped.”

He explained that there was a variation of $15, $20 and more in reduced prices according to the worth of the item on sale. (SB)