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Tint danger

SANKA PRICE, [email protected]

Tint danger

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The police’s hands are tied decisively with vehicles with heavily tinted windows, a senior officer conceded yesterday.

But motorists cannot get away with tinting their vehicles as dark as they want.

Despite the lack of clear legislation, the police can send those vehicles they think are violating the law for inspection at the Ministry of Transport to determine whether the tint should be removed. This has been happening consistently and will continue until police have greater authority.

Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss, public relations officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), yesterday called for stronger legislation to deal with this situation, which criminal elements have been exploiting.

“Our bite must be just as vicious as our bark. And if we are barking all of the time, society will reflect the fact that we are just barking,” Inniss said on Starcom Network’s Brass Tacks Sunday radio call-in programme.  (SP)

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