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Diver sets new records

RIA GOODMAN, [email protected]

Diver sets new records

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Free diver Alex Davis has established four new national records for Barbados.

During the Vertical Blue Competition at Deans Blue Hole in Long Island Bahamas, he recorded new times across three disciplines with the deepest at 92 metres which is 301 feet.

“I gained four national records. With no fin I registered 55 metres which is 180 feet. In the free immersion dive I achieved a depth of 81 metres or 265 feet.

“I did two dives with the monofin; the first was 89 metres but my deepest was 92 metres which is 301 feet,” he said.

Out of 29 male competitors Davis registered the sixth deepest dive overall while the competitor to record the deepest reached 425 feet.

He improved on his deepest dive from last year’s competition.

“I set a bunch of records last year and this year I just went and did so again – just a little deeper. I did 275 last year; this year I did 300. When you are doing really deep dives how much you improve tends to slow down a little bit. so seeing I did 90 metres it might be a few years before I get to 100 metres.

“A little more each time is kind of the idea but the next big number is 100 metres whether this happens this year or next year,” Davis said.

During the event, which took place between July 16 and 26, ten world records were listed with seven by women, along with 44 national records.

“Going into competition is hard because there are nerves, but the great thing about free diving is that you’re not really competing against someone else, you’re just kind of doing your own thing, and if your dive is better than someone else, then great; but it’s not like I have to beat him.

“Last year I finished competition in May and started training right away because I was preparing for a competition, but Hurricane Maria struck, so I didn’t get to do that one. I trained throughout Christmas. I would say I had four months of dedicated full speed kind of training,” he said.

Davis expressed gratitude to Ryan Pannell of Synergis who is his main sponsor for his assistance thus far. (RG)