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Private sector urged to install more CCTVs


Private sector urged to install more CCTVs

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ROSEAU – Owners of private businesses across the island are being urged to be more proactive in protecting their establishments and the public.

The call was made earlier this week by Police Chief Daniel Carbon, who urged them to consider installing more CCTV’s to boost security of their investments.

Carbon, who stated that many countries around the world have CCTVs installed to help protect their cities, and the police force has done a survey in collaboration with some providers regarding CCTVs here.

“You have to be proactive in that regard. Install CCTV,” he said “notwithstanding that government is taking steps to have the CCTV cameras installed in strategic areas around the City.”

Carbon added that the cameras should be placed in strategic areas and positions to capture all angles.

“But you have a responsibility, and when you put your cameras out, you don’t put it for yourself alone; because you protect your neighbour, you protect yourself, and that is something the must embark on very quickly,” Carbon added. (CMC)