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Future Centre Trust hosting pills or potions talks


Future Centre Trust hosting pills or potions talks

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The Future Centre Trust (FCT), in collaboration with TEN Habitat, will be hosting Pills or Potions, a series of events revealing the benefits of medicinal herbs and natural products for health and wellness.

The event was launched on August 8, and continues tomorrow at TEN Habitat’s Carlisle House location.

Dawn-Dew Thompson will present on the benefits of tea components and then lead a sensory exercise on aroma, flavour and palatability.

Talks are led by experts who share their knowledge on how to use natural herbal remedies through practical, hands-on, interactive sessions.

In the spirit of the charity’s founder, the late Dr Colin Hudson, this initiative supports the rejuvenation of the FCT’s garden space as a sustainable, biodiversity garden that is home to a wide variety of medicinal herbs and fruit trees. (PR)

fct-vivian-anne-gittens-082118Future Centre Trust chairman Vivian-Anne Gittens taking a closer look at the natural soaps on exhibit. (GP)