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Beating victim still waiting on police


Beating victim still waiting on police

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Three days after a young woman had to jump through a window to save her life from the onslaught of an ex-lover, she is yet to hear of any developments after reporting it to police.

Last evening, the woman, who has since been released from hospital after suffering burns and physical injuries to the head, ears, face, hands and back, told the NATION that since police took her statement on Sunday, she had not seen them or heard from them again.

The 32-year-old said that in the early hours of Sunday she was brutally beaten by her estranged boyfriend.

“[Police] was to come back for the dress I had on the night but I haven’t seen them come back. I haven’t heard anything about him being charged,” the distraught woman said.

The mother of two, who expressed agony due to the pain of the burns and her swollen face, is appealing for member of the force “to do their job”.

She said that because of the incident, her children had since been separated, she was afraid to return to her home and she was constantly getting flashbacks. She added she was living in fear because no one was telling her what would be the punishment of the alleged perpetrator, who was said to be an ex-policeman.

“Yes, I am afraid; this thing just keeps playing back in my mind over and over. I does find it hard to fall to sleep. I had to split up my kids – my daughter is sharing the bed with me but she’s a bit afraid that she will turn and hurt me,” the woman said.

The woman also questioned the police’s approach.

“I made numerous complaints and when the officers come, they . . . does be like, ‘It’s his house, ma’am, so if anything you will have to leave’. They can help stop some of these domestic abuse cases by only doing their job properly.”

When the police force’s acting public relations officer Sergeant Michael Blackman was contacted for an update, he said he had none but would make enquiries. Subsequent calls to him went unanswered. (SDB Media)