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UPP urges caution


UPP urges caution

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The following is a statement by the United Progressive Party on Tropical Storm Kirk.

Tropical Storm Kirk passed over Barbados and deposited several centimetres of rain between last night and this morning.

Those national agencies responsible for advising the government have indicated that no national shutdown is necessary at this time, however, some low-lying areas are flooded, roads are impassable, the south coast sewage system has been impacted and most of Bridgetown is under water.

Reports are that some districts also have no electricity or tap water.

Therefore, we encourage citizens to continue being vigilant and neighbourly as we ride out this severe weather.

We know that employers in the private sector are aware of these dangerous conditions, and also that our public transportation system will definitely experience challenges.

They will no doubt prefer their employees to be safe.

Do not hesitate to contact the Department of Emergency management to report hazardous conditions at 438-7575.

Please continue to prioritise the safety of family and property. Use your best judgement to determine the level of risk you would be exposed to in leaving the security of your homes. (PR)