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40 buses affected by Tropical Storm Kirk

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

40 buses affected by Tropical Storm Kirk

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The Transport Board issued a statement today informing the public of some of the challenges the authority is facing.

The release stated that due to the passage of Tropical Storm Kirk “a number of buses which traversed areas with rushing and/or high water levels experienced damaged panels and electrical issues”.

This resulted in about 40 out of the Board’s 110 buses having to be removed from service. Seventeen of those buses are now back on the road.

The Board is also waiting to receive a replacement for a shipment of parts that was damaged at the port in Jamaica, and this impacted those vehicles awaiting inspection at the Ministry of Transport Works and Maintenance.

The Board offered apologies for the inconvenience and asked the travelling public to remain patient as the issues are addressed. (BD)