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Ten habitat to launch first ever-coding school in Barbados


Ten habitat to launch first ever-coding school in Barbados

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The Entrepreneurship Network [TEN Habitat] in Barbados will officially launch the first Coding School in the Eastern Caribbean, The Source Code Developer Academy.

TEN Habitat has partnered with a leading coding academy, Code Fellows out of the USA. The demand for people with IT skills is rapidly growing every year. Many studies show that the gap between demand and supply of skilled IT people in the market is getting bigger and bigger.

This opens up a significant opportunity for Barbadians to now have a direct avenue to the lucrative international technology industry. International companies Google, Nike, Expedia, Xbox, Zillow, Disney, Microsoft, Starbucks, Facebook and Getty Images have hired successful graduates from the Code Fellows program.

These opportunities could now be available to locals through outsourcing agreements and relationships and serve as an excellent resource for retrenched or temporarily displaced employees to upgrade and re-train for the lucrative technology and innovation market. (PR)