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Pushing positive vibes


Pushing positive vibes

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Johnathan Daniel is on a mission to create positivity wherever he goes.

The 24-year-old Deighton Griffith Secondary School alumnus is the brains behind Positive Vibez Creative Revolution, a fledgling business he is determined to make a success.

So far, he has created videos with uplifting messages with and for students at the Kingsland, Christ Church school, which can be viewed on its Facebook page. He also intends to create a space where young people can go and speak to someone and receive sound advice.

But as upbeat as he is now, Johnathan told Nation Y that he came from “a really bad place” last year after he was kicked out of his home and lost his job.

“I was at home, living comfortable and working. Life was pretty easy,” he said.

He and his younger sister often quarrelled. However, his mother said the next time that happened “she would put me out because she didn’t want anything bad to happen at home”.

He and his sister fought, and he was asked to leave. Fortunately, he found an apartment that same day.

“Life was good and I was still managing but the thing is, I used to pay all the bills at home and when I was put out, I had just paid all the bills. So when the landlord told me she wanted me to pay the first month’s rent by [a certain] date, I didn’t have enough money. I had asked for an advance at work but it still wasn’t enough for me to cover the rent and survive,” he said.

Soon afterwards, Johnathan lost his job.

“So, there I was. Kicked out from home, lost my job and I was renting. I had a girlfriend and because of my situation . . . she broke up with me and was with my friend. That was the last big thing that happened to me,” Johnathan said.

Overcome with negative thoughts and feeling depressed, he became bitter and angry, a contrast to the happy, positive person he had been.

He started getting panic attacks. Talking to his friends was not easy because they didn’t understand what he was going through. Still, Johnathan refused to give up.

Although a friend, Dawn, “a wonderful lady” whom he credits with encouraging and uplifting him, offered support, he was still feeling depressed.

“I turned to drugs . . . . I wanted to know what I was going to do with my life. How was I going to overcome?

“I wanted to know what love was because to me my mother couldn’t have loved me and put me out the way she did. This girl couldn’t have loved me and did what she did to me. To me it wasn’t about having money – it was about respect and giving me the same in return.”

He said he knew it was Jesus’ love he was seeking. In his quest for unconditional love, he had a Road to Damascus moment.

“It was while standing at a bus stop headed for work after I got another job that I experienced God’s love. As I was listening to music . . . I felt something extraordinary happen to me on the inside. I can’t describe it. All I can tell you is that it was the best feeling that I have ever felt . . . . I cried for a week straight every time I thought about His love. I was overwhelmed.”

Johnathan said that after hearing a voice in his head telling him he had to forgive everyone, he felt “all of the burdens and heartache inside of me [immediately] left”.

He added: “I felt so light . . . . Out of that, I believed in God. Having God as my source where I get my happiness and my joy, it gives me the ability to not let things people say have an effect on me because I know my Father in Heaven loves me and cares for me.

“I rededicated my life to God and set out on a mission to push positive vibes. Then the Holy Spirit came to me and said, ‘How you want to heal Barbados and bring the youth back together and your family isn’t together?’ I said, “You have a point”.

He met with his family and told them what had happened to him. After prayers and tears, his mother told him to return home.

Johnathan believes that everything happened as God wanted. He had no money to get Positive Vibez started but God is showing him the way. (GBM)