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Police Commissioner comments on plan ‘Sex Island’ festival


Police Commissioner comments on plan ‘Sex Island’ festival

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PORT OF SPAIN – Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says the organisers of a four-day, three-night “sex-travaganza”, called Sex Island, has a “snowball chance in hell” of actually hosting the event in Trinidad and Tobago.

The New York Post website reported that the organisers have named an island off the coast of twin island republic as the location for its next event, which promises its patrons drugs and prostitutes, and costs between US$4 500 and US$6 000 per person, had been given the “go-ahead” by local authorities.

But Griffith, speaking on a local radio programme here Tuesday, said he wanted to disappoint “those why think it may happen”.

“It is definitely not going to happen, there is no such plan whatsoever that can actually ensure that it takes place,” Griffith said, telling his audience “there is no private island off Trinidad and Tobago.”

Griffith said he believes the event being promised here started some years ago in Colombia “but it is difficult if not impossible for this to take place”.

“Even before the police get involve you need the requisite approval for entry into Trinidad and Tobago waters from the Ministry of National Security (and) you must go through Immigration authorities. And then having said that . . . I can give the assurance that before the first joint is lighted, before the first lap dance is made that will never happen.

“There is absolutely no way that something as organised and promoted as this can take place in Trinidad and Tobago waters,” Griffith said, while there are certain local places the police have been monitoring  and used for illegal activities.

He said these local activities could give rise to human trafficking and the police have being using intelligence driven information to shut them down.

Griffith insisted that the planned “Sex island” event scheduled for December 14 to 17 will not happen.

“With social media you have fake news and you have a situation . . . where you get tip offs for the police service to be able to provide that pre-emptive strike to prevent something from happening.

“This is definitely not going to take place in Trinidad and Tobago.”

The event’s website claims there are only three tickets left, and they had catered for 50 guests.

According to the website, included in the cost is “unlimited sex with two girls per day, all meals and snacks, all the alcohol you desire, airport pickup and drop-off, yacht parties, bedrooms with showers, large closets, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and unlimited condoms”.

The NY Post report says that in addition to the women, “guests have easy access to drugs, with Sex Island staff members acting as liaisons between dealers and partygoers. Cocaine is far and away the most popular drug requested by guests”. (CMC)

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