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Sweets the spice to Edna’s life


Sweets the spice to Edna’s life

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Ice cream and cake seem to be the secret to long life.

At least that’s the case with Edna Cumberbatch who turned 110 yesterday.

Cumberbatch was the centre of attention when staff, family friends and loved ones gathered at the Roywardeen Caring Home in Friendly Hall, St Lucy, for her birthday party.

The super centenarian sat quietly in the centre of the room as a group sang the birthday song for her while she nodded her head to the tune. When it was time for the cake, Edna sat upright and enjoyed an entire slice.

Her caretaker and owner of the home, Maureen Ward, said she wasn’t surprised that Cumberbatch perked up for cake since it was one of her favourite treats.

“She loves cake and ice cream. If you put her lunch she always eats her vegetables and then everything else. But when it comes to snack or dessert time, it’s always cake and ice cream for her,” she said, adding that the elderly woman still had good health with only mobility issues.

Cumberbatch’s niece Maureen Cadogan said she was thankful her aunt has lived such a long life and thanked the workers at the nursing home for taking such good care of her.

“We are very proud that she lived to see today. She’s still here and we are happy. She’s well taken care of. She might not be able to talk and move as she would like, but she’s good,” Cadogan said.

She said in her aunt’s younger days she was an excellent seamstress and cook and always took care of her nieces and nephews. (DB)