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FLOW files lawsuit against regulators


FLOW files lawsuit against regulators

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ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – The telecommunications company, FLOW has filed a lawsuit against the Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) in a bid to revoke the 700-spectrum license granted to the Irish-based company, Digicel.

Public Utility Minister, Gregory Bowen, told Parliament Wednesday that the lawsuit has also includes the National Telecommunications and Regulatory Commission (NTRC).

Bowen did not provide details on the lawsuit, but told legislators that FLOW, which is part of the British owned Cable and Wireless, one of the leading telecommunications and entertainment providers in the Caribbean and Latin America, is claiming discrimination by the regulatory bodies because both telecommunications companies applied at the same time for the license and only Digicel received the approval.

Bowen told Parliament that the license was granted to the Digicel operations first because it was able to engage in discussion with a smaller telecommunications company in Grenada which operates on the same frequency.

“LIME/FlOW/Liberty had a clash with aislecom and discussion was encouraged,” said Bowen, adding that Digicel had also been the first to provide an amicable resolution between itself and the small company.

The 700-spectrum license provides for Digicel to operate its recently launch Long Term Evolution or LTE service. This fourth-generation mobile technology service of Digicel was launched in St Lucia in November, followed in Grenada in early December and on Tuesday in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Matters do take time in the Court, but we hope that it will work out amicably,” said Bowen, who told Parliament that he was making the disclosure because he felt it was important for customers here to know about the development. (CMC)