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It’s Christmas at Mayers’ house


It’s Christmas at Mayers’ house

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Leon “The Light Man” Mayers has once again transformed his home into a Christmas wonderland.

This year though, the Kirtons, St Philip resident decided to do things differently.

Instead of sticking to the traditional red and white theme to reflect the joy of the holiday spirit, Mayers incorporated different aspects of Bajan culture.

“This year I did things different with a Bajan theme,” he said. “I got Bajan drinks and a Bajan Santa Claus. There is also an independence plane leaving the island and a Christmas one coming in.”

For the past 11 years, Mayers has been decorating his house for major public holidays and recently he started beautifying his home to commemorate Valentine’s Day as well.

This year he gained monetary contributions from 20 sponsors to pull off his handiwork. He also got help from his mother and three neighbours to put up the lights and other paraphernalia and was able to complete the project in two weeks.

Next year he would like to recruit a group of young people and decorate the Wynter Crawford roundabout at Six Roads for the holidays. (SB)