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Mothers’ Union gives helping hand

GERCINE CARTER, [email protected]

Mothers’ Union gives helping hand

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The Mothers’ Union organisation of the Anglican Church has given residents of the Business and Professional Women’s Club’s Shelter For Battered Women a holiday boost.

The gift of supplies for the lone facility offering temporary housing to female victims of domestic violence was presented recently to president of the club, Nicole Alleyne Phillips-Ayikpa, by president of the Mothers’ Union, Iris Harewood, who told the SATURDAY SUN there is a role for the church in the whole issue of domestic abuse.

“Violence in the home affects the children tremendously,” Harewood said, while noting that children who witnessed violence being perpetrated in their household, often displayed aggression in the school setting, while others become withdrawn.

“It is so unfortunate that many of these children carry it into adult life and the cycle could continue, so we have to try and see how we can reverse it,” Harewood explained.

She said the Mothers’ Union maintained a counselling programme within the church, which was available to assist anyone needing that service. That programme, she added, was critical in assisting distressed families.

“Very often women seeking shelter have to run with their children and only the clothing on their backs,” the Mothers’ Union president said.

Providing a place of refuge for battered women and their children is a mission that Alleyne Phillips-Ayikpa said was an important part of that organisation’s mission.

Thanking the Mothers’ Union for its continued support, Alleyne Phillips-Ayikpa said the demand for the facility was sometimes stretched, as the BPW Club dug deeply into its limited resources to keep the shelter going. (GC)