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NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE: Fully committed to Barbados


NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE: Fully committed to Barbados

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The following is the new year’s message from Edward Clarke, president of the Barbados Private Sector Association.

A review of the year 2018 will remind us that as we wish each other happy new year there is no guarantee of what the year will truly bring.  For some, 2018 will be remembered as a year of “highs and lows”, challenges and surprises, fulfilled dreams and unfulfilled dreams. For others it was an outstanding year of opportunity, growth or a new beginning. The reality however is that whatever the year brought, 2018 is now past and we all have the opportunity to press forward.

We are keenly aware Barbados has thrived in past years on the tradition of resourcefulness, resilience and unity among our people even in the most challenging of circumstances. It is from this truth, that we believe the entire nation, in this time of uncertainty and change, with bold leadership and a clear vision, will with strength, hope and faith face and navigate the New Year thereby continuing the tradition of past years.

During 2019, the private sector will seek to maintain a collaborative framework conducive to the advancement of the social and economic fabric of Barbados being fully aware that difficult and painful decisions may have to be taken across all sectors.

We will continue to press for positive transformation relating to the ease of doing business, competitiveness and productivity within the workforce. We will also continue to support creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation recognising the great potential and talent of our people.  We hope for the strengthening of the social and moral fabric of our nation as we know full well the consequences of failure to do so.

The BPSA fully expects our lobbying and advocacy work among the Social Partnership will be sustained as together we work towards the economic growth and the overall development of our nation.  A vibrant tone of dialogue and leadership was set within the Social Partnership during 2018 and this augurs well for the coming year.

While the BPSA recognises it will be not business as usual in 2019 we will not fear the future and will join with the government and people of Barbados to take as much control as is humanly possible to work for the future we want for our country.

A blessed New Year to all.