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NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE: Workers must be protected


NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE: Workers must be protected

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The following is the New Year’s message from Akanni McDowall, president of the National Union of Public Workers.

A New Year is virtually upon us. It is again my pleasure as the President of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) to extend the warmest wishes to every member of this great Institution, every worker in public service and more generally, fellow Barbadians. We have made it through another year of twists and turns, exciting highs and worry causing lows. In it all the spirit of Barbados has prevailed. For that we are and must be grateful.

As we look to 2019, we reflect on the answer to the post globalisation post 21st century question, ‘What should Barbados be?’ The people have deemed that Barbados is to be a land where leaders are responsible and accountable to the people.

Against that backdrop the NUPW is committed to working to strengthen it’s own accountability mechanism and ensuring that those in the vanguard of the organisation understand their commitment. We also must ensure that as we continue to strengthen and participate in the rebuilding of Barbados’ economy, that we are frank with workers.

That we explain to them that just as accountability and responsible political leadership is key, so too is worker productivity and commitment.

The National Union of Public Workers will remain committed to ensuring that workers’ rights are protected and difficult decisions are made with sensitivity and transparency. Times are challenging and yet a New Year signals hope and a new beginning – if not for ourselves, for the younger generations looking to us – we will rise to the occasion and forward on.