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106 and up for Edith Wilkinson

TRE GREAVES, [email protected]

106 and up for  Edith Wilkinson

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At 106, Edith Wilkinson is happy to be alive.

Despite being a double amputee, the mother of nine was still upbeat as she celebrated another milestone surrounded by members of her family at her Coconut Grove St Joseph home.

“I’m 106 this morning and believe ‘muh, I feel good and strong in ‘muh body. I blessed from the almighty God, I live a good life.

“I can bathe my skin. The only thing I can’t do is plait my hair. If you give me ‘muh clothes to wash I would wash them…  I feel happy,” she said.

 Not only was she in great spirits but it was clear that she also has a vivid memory as she recalled working as a labourer at Springfield, Redland, Wakefield and Frizers plantations for many years. 

She also remembered getting baptised in 1987 and moving to her long-time home after Hurricane Janet destroyed her previous home at Frizers. (TG)