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Atherley introduces new team

SHERRYLYN TOPPIN, [email protected]

Atherley introduces new team

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Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley today presented the team which would speak on behalf of the Opposition on national issues.

He stressed it was not the launch of a political party, which would come in due course.

In addition to his two Opposition Senators Crystal Drakes and Caswell Franklyn, there were also several familiar faces who ran in the 2018 General Election under the Solutions Barbados (SB) and United Progressive Party (UPP) banners.

From Solutions are Scott Weatherhead, Alan Springer, Irvin Belgrave, Rev. John Carter and Paul Gibson, while Maria Phillips, Bruce Hennis and Paul Forte ran under the UPP. Only Carter remains the member of a political party.

Sylvan Greenidge from Barbados Integrity Movement, lecturer Dr Philip Corbin and the youngest member, Akil Daley, round out the group.

Three more will be announced at a later date.

Atherley, who was elected to the House of Assembly as a member of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP), formed the one-man Opposition days after the May 24 General Election.

He said the group comprised people who represent the interests of Barbados and would offer an alternative opinion to that of the ruling BLP.

Atherley said they were skilled in their areas and would bring honesty and a sense of purpose to the national debate.

The team so far: Bishop Joseph Atherley, Senator Crystal Drakes, Senator Caswell Franklyn, Scott Weatherhead, Irvin Belgrave, Rev. John Carter, Alan Springer, Paul Gibson, Scott Weatherhead, Irvin Belgrave, Rev. John Carter, Dr Philip Corbin, Akil Daley. (SAT)

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