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BREA President: 2019 a year of action 


BREA President: 2019 a year of action 

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President of the Barbados Renewable Energy Association (BREA) Jerry Franklin says this year must be a year of action if they are to achieve the policy target of 100 per cent renewable energy for Barbados by 2030.


Franklin who was successful in his bid to retain the position of president of the association for the year says “the Association remains cautiously optimistic recognizing that several critical policy and regulatory decisions will have to be made very early in 2019 if we are to get the sector on the right path.”


He noted that some of the important issues which need to be addressed as a matter of urgency this year if the target is to be met include  the lengthy delays in the approval of the application processes, the duplication in the submission of documentation across agencies and the need to put in place an effective pricing system.


Franklin was speaking at the association’ seventh annual general meeting at the 3W’s Oval. (PR)




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