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Ministry of People Empowerment decries violence


Ministry of People Empowerment decries violence

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The new level of violence in society is a reflection of social and economic realities.

So said a statement from the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs as it registered its “dismay at the prevailing spate of violence in the society”.

Noting that next weekend (February 2 and 3) had been designated a Weekend of Prayer, the ministry said violence was related to gangs and the drug trade – “two illicit activities that lure our vulnerable young men and women who are faced with a sense of disenchantment and alienation, and being barred from a stake in this country’s future”.

“Sadly, it particularly affects our young men in what should be their most productive years. The traditional village no longer exists to raise the child and our children are creating their own dysfunctional villages.”

The statement said there had been heightened concern during the first month of 2019 as violence reached “record levels and intimidate even the strongest among us.

“Violence in society goes beyond the police concern, with far-reaching social and economic implications. It is, for example, linked to public health and puts pressure on already scarce resources.

Traumatised families

The statement went on to say violence traumatised families and friends and caused stress, anxiety, depression and additional financial burdens.

It also said it sent the wrong message to the tourism industry and other productive sectors.

Meanwhile, Minister Cynthia Forde further expressed her gratitude to the crime-fighting agencies, which, she said, continued to deploy strategies to safeguard communities, as people have the right to feel safe. 

She also asked that during the Weekend of Prayer all faith-based leaders lead the country back to basics and the principles of love and mutual respect. (HLE/PR)