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Police issue safety tips


Police issue safety tips

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Police Public Relations Officer acting Inspector Rodney Inniss has issued a few tips to the public to safeguard themselves against crime.

The Royal Barbados Police Force is reminding drivers and vehicle owners to exercise care when leaving their vehicle unattended.

Don’t leave valuables in your car in plain view, this practice makes you and your vehicle an automatic target as the item creates an easy target of opportunity for the would be thief. If you must leave valuables such as your handbag in your car while out and about, place those items out of sight.

 Before leaving your vehicle, place these items in your trunk or other secure compartment that can be locked. Motorcyclist secure your vehicle by placing an additional lock on your vehicle and if your  motorcycle comes equipped with a lock box or side pans secure your valuables in these or take them with you.

 Children and Strangers

 Parents and guardians ensure that your children or wards are educated about the dangers of taking rides from strangers. Ensure that your child knows who will be collecting them from school or any other activity they attend. If there is a change ensure that you communicate with the School or entity that your child is attending to ensure that they are aware of any changes to your regular routine.

If for some reason you are unable to communicate this information in a timely manner, ensure that your child has a failsafe for example a special word that you share with them that helps them identify the person who is picking them up as someone safe.

Lastly always reinforce they should never take rides from strangers and if approached by any stranger in an inappropriate manner to report it to a responsible adult they trust. (PR)


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