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Duguid happy with new vehicle sticker system


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DR WILLIAM DUGUID is pleased with the recently introduced registration sticker for motor vehicles.

But the Minister of Transport, Works and Maintenance has refused to go into detail about its roll-out, citing “security issues”.

He was answering questions from representative for St John, Charles Griffith, on the second day of the revamped Estimates Debate 2019 in the House of Assembly yesterday. The ministry is seeking $88 332 219 for its programmes.

The sticker, affixed to the rear registration number plate, was part of the process that replaced road tax last year.

Duguid told the Chamber he was “very happy” with the sticker programme “so far”.

“It is being rolled out quite effectively and we look forward to seeing how it impacts on the ability of the police to pick up who is driving on the roads without insurance,” he said.

Duguid, who was also questioned about electronic vehicle registration, said through it, the ministry would be able to see if commercial vehicles were up to date on their road tax and if private motor vehicles had current insurance.

He said the registration involved a microchip on the vehicle which would be scanned as it passed through various “gateways”.

The new system would soon be going out to tender, he added.

“It would be to the point where if you are on the road without insurance, you will get a ticket. If you are driving on the Spring Garden Highway and you get from Point A to Point B faster than the speed limit allows, you will get a ticket.”

He also said the ministry had procured 200 LED (light emitting diode) lights and would soon be replacing those on the Hothersal and Warrens section of the ABC Highway. He added the ministry would be looking at eventually replacing all of the lights on the highway. ( HLE)

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